p–p, feces, fecal matter.
sima loooves sishmakh

siiiiimaaaaa…sishmakhlareh soyasan??

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  • Sirriah

    a crazy mother f-cker, who likes to hit on older married men. sirriahs also like to eat the chinese people in her schools. “dude, im gonna go sirriah on your -ss!”

  • Sir's Honor

    used to determine/confirm whether one man is telling the truth to another man in a far-fetched conversation or story. tom- “i just had s-x with two supermodels!” bill- swear to g-d? no even better.. sir’s honor?” tim- “sir’s honor”

  • sirsly

    seriously “omg that dan is sirsly hot”

  • sheronga donga

    random word to prove coolness 1st dude) sheronga donga 2nd dude) wow, he’s so cool!

  • Shetland People

    the term midgets and dwarfs prefer to be called, not little people as is commonly believed. i tripped over one of those shetland people, i didn’t see the wee little b-gg-r there.

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