some asian that no one knows how to say the name of.
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  • booger toe

    sticking your big toe in your lovers r-ct-m or v-g-n- cindy was over last night i slipped her the booger toe

  • dry said that

    thats bull sh-t female,”i always see you textin these hoes”realla niqqa “b-tch you dry said that on crip” buy the domain for your diy vlog

  • weude

    a weird and rude person. austin was acting really weude today when she slapped mariana. buy the domain for your diy blog

  • purple brain

    when you give a guy head while wearing fresh purple lipstick of any shade, resulting in purple up and down his shaft. person 1: “could you give me some purple brain? person 2: “i just bought a new purple lipstick from sephora, so sure.” buy the domain for your travel blog

  • cacklewackle

    it is when you cackle uncontrollably after getting a m-ssive erection from watching too much dirty films. guy 1: what happened to you? guy 2: i watched too much dirty films yesterday and i think i cacklewackled. buy the domain for your foodie vlog

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