a g-y f-ggot
wow, look at him he is such a siyar

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  • making bove

    the physical act of making sensual b-tt s-x. my girlfriend was undergoing monthly construction so i asked her if she was interested in making bove with me instead.

  • guess so

    agreeing with someone “hey, you like this new book?” “yeah, i guess so…”

  • john warren

    the kind of guy that will slap you with his c-ck he is a true hero man john warren is my hero

  • ygopro percy

    a program made by some g-y dude so that people from all over the world could watch his g-y p-rnos and jack off and make the world have the stench of f-ggot s-m-n. i used ygopro percy today to watch some guys drill each other in the -ss.

  • ulsha

    some f-ggot on the internet everyone ever-” ulsha is a huge f-g”

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