Sizzle Chest

a condescending term used by the jerky boys. this is similar, but a little more extreme, to calling someone boss, chief, buddy, etc.
a: do you have the time, chief?
b: yeah, it’s 12:26 there sizzle chest.
a: thanks.
b: no problem.
it is used as an insult because it was made common from the jerky boys phonecalls and movies, but its more of a condition. sizzlechest is light curly chest hair that appears almost like smoke puffs rising off the chest, little spirily colums of hair. usually found on -ssclowns.
shut yer hole, sizzlechest!
a kick -ss rock band out of boston with raunchy lyrics and face melting guitar solos
the band sizzlechest kicks -ss with songs like “b-lls deep” or “pubic ave”
a common way to say “-ssclown”, particularly in the philadelphia, new jersey region.
eyyyyy, yo, sizzlechest. you wanna go and git a cheesesteak?
a fruity -ss; milky licker
you got that sizzlechest?
a h-m-s-xual act performed between usually greek or black men, which is traditionally noted for the mixture of s-m-n in matted, generally dark chest hair. one h-m-s-xual partner will typically don an apr-n portraying a cartoon p-n-s wearing a chief’s hat and shouting from his urethra “kiss the cook!!” the submissive nubian then calls for a deisel load of seminal fluid which he then mixes nuturingly, to shape and condition his chest hair, conforming to the manner and style of today’s “afro.”
“hey little buddy, where’d you get that sizzle chest?”
“tobechukwu just delivered his man-payload…where’d you get yours, the albanian boy we adopted?”
i don’t know, but can you argue with a word like -sizzle- chest??!?
shut up sizzle chest.

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