a term that dumb people use when ther refer to a skater.
he was a sk8ter boy, she said see you later boy.
a sk8ter listens to punk-pop eg. blink 182, sum 41, green day, simple plan.

usualy wherez dc’s, converse and vans. also quicksilver, billabong, animal and o’niell. (ect)!

they hate f-!£@#g chavs.

hang around with moshers, emos, punks, other sk8ters, (rockers).

usualy found in city centers and sk8 parks in usa, uk, nz & au.
tony hawk ect.
naccerd converse, baggy trousers.
you will see in suberban parks in the uk a war with and chavs. sk8ters hate chaves and think they are gay weenerz.
lo life f-gs who think there tough sh-t. think jumping over a crack in the side walk is big air! they need to get a real life and ride bmx
” yo im such a good sk8ter i can olli 3 inches!”

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