Skank Monkey

chimpanzee of swahili decent known for its b–b jobs, giant lips, the starting of aids, high heels, drunkedness, highness, and skirts.

sk-nk monkeys can be found whoring in almost every town in south america and nebraska. there have been some reports of rouge sk-nk monkeys in places such as china, russia, england, and italy.
dude i need to get laid

i know what to do


get a sk-nk monkey!!!

we dont live in nebraska…

oh yeah.
sk-nkmonkey originates from the term hoebag, meaning a woman who’ll do anything with a p-n-s and/or who gets “around”. a sk-nkmonkey how ever, is very much the same in in behavior, but more often than not unabashed when it comes to how private her social-life is. alternately sk-nkmonkey can be synonymous with the term hoebag, to add a more comical take on the conversation.
“dude i wouldn’t try for that chick over there.”
“why not. she seems cool.”
“she is cool, but she’s a total sk-nkmonkey.”
“hahaha, gotcha.”
an individual that enjoys being slapped in various non-s-xual areas with male genetalia.
dude, sheila is such a sk-nk monkey, she asked me to whack her in the forehead with it like four times.

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