see lindsay lohan !!!!
are you talking about that milk-a-holic sk-nkycake?

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  • jiggumpop

    jiggumpop is a strong feeling of peaceful tranquility, bliss, and awareness, that is unlike anything you have ever felt before! i had a strong feeling of jiggumpop, last night when i left the club! a strong combined feeling of peacefulness, bliss and tranquility, that is unlike anything you have ever felt before. i had such […]

  • jihaids

    when you tell your partner you have aids as you c-m in them. jennifer was the victim of a jihaids.

  • jimiing the brooks

    1:to touch ones self in an unholy or unclean manor 2:to rape a goat or other four legged, horned animal of equal or similar size to an adolescent human i walked in on my son last night and he was jimiing the brooks on the kitchen table

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    the main character of medal of honor, at least in certain episodes of the series. “jimmy patterson was like the solid snake of wwii. he can take out tanks, railguns, a whole wad of heavily-armed n-z-s….he can do it!” -me

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    after s-x, with a condom, you do not throw it away, but instead you slap your partner in the face with a used condom. i told my s-xual partner to look in a northern direction, and when they turned back, i jimmy whipped them.

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