to suddenly run away
her mom told her to skedadle

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  • skype and chill

    when you and your homies get together on skype and group chat. you can play some video games or watch some sheet (chill). or when bæ gets on and you have some funky time on cam. yo broooo – wanna skype and chill in a few? i got henry and stef over here, it’ll be […]

  • slapping the eggplant

    -j-c-l-t-ng s-m-n all over an old brooklyn woman’s face i was hanging out in hipsterville, when a nice lady offered to cook me a delicious dinner if i started slapping the eggplant.

  • smelly w*lly

    when you put your finger up someones b-tt and then put it in their ear. bill got a smelly w-lly at the church bake sale.

  • snarkish

    1) the act of being snark. to be rude or critical in a subliminal way. derivative of “snarky.” 2) the offspring after a shark and starfish perform coitus. preferably smaller sharks. look, it’s the rare snarkish, only seen in remote ocean waters.

  • sneeple

    a portmanteau of the words “snake” and “people”, refers to a race of reptilian humanoids mentioned in an episode of the animated television series steven universe. ronaldo: “snake people, or sneeple, control our government at the highest level.”

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