when u skeet into a girls mouth, shes eating skeetles
“she likes her some skeetles”
when you skeet all over a pack of skittles, and them feed them to an unsuspecting skittle-lover.
right before my girlfriend took some of my skittles, i j-zzed all over them, she said they were the best skeetles she ever had.

i bit into the sticky skeetles realizing why they were so salty.
-j-c-l-t–n or climax achieved in the height of joy, elation, and exaltation. stems from the emotion experienced upon witnessing a double rainbow —> skittles (taste the rainbow) —> skeetle
i saw a full on double rainbow and didn’t realize that i had a little skeetle in my pants until i went back inside.
a s-xual act in which a man -j-c-l-t-s in a girl’s mouth while eating skittles and screaming, “taste the rainbow!”
i’m gonna skeetle!!!!
a particular female that you find attractive and would like to take home for the night. also refers to a hot girl in general, does not have to be a one night stand. originates from the work “skeet.”
wow, look at that skeetle across the bar!
verb- describes the erratic, high-paced actions people who are under the influence of stimulants perform; often involving outbursts of off-kilter sermons, tedious ch-r-s, twitching, muttering under the breathe, unexpected jigs ect.
he skeetled around the party, entertaining the guests, until dawn. then we watched him bustle down into the city and down an alley.

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