serial killer i’d like to f-ck
karla h-m-lka is a skilf
scene kid i’d like to f-ck.
that skilf is so awesome!

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  • Skinnin Up

    rolling a joint is known as “skinning up”. “tom savage can’t skin up cuz hes a c-ck faced muva f-ka” “when samo is skinning up he doesn’t let me in his tent” “when i was skinning up the 5-0 tried to arrest me but i blasted a cap in each of those muva f-kas -sses” […]

  • skunk sucker

    a reference to unclean lesbian oral s-x those two are a couple of skunk suckers


    a description of a undesirable situation “this is, im outta here”

  • Fenerty

    the s-xual act of knocking one’s partner out with a hard, blunt object and proceeding to hold them upside down and, upon climax, -j-c-l-t-ng into their nostril. aw, you gave her a fenerty? yeah, she was out for an hour!

  • Rainwave

    rainwave is an online radio station, which plays video game music, ranging from an orchestra’s version of the tetris theme to music as how it’s heard in the actual game. the station can be found at

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