skizzer: a buzz-word/name/handle referring to pseudo-intellectual references to psychiatric terminology. root word: schizoid – emotionally detached – feeling out of it, detached, self-reflexively referring to it, but not wanting to pin anybody down about what is going on internally – because other people are too consumed with their own difficulties. can be a “baiting” word to enable people to make lame half baked statements & to reference their own attention-deficit condition or manner
“hey, check out the skizzer dude.”
“wasn’t he catatonic?”
“you mean he didn’t move a muscle for 8 hours?”
“shut the f-ck up.”
when two legs h-t eachother in a v-g-n- like fashion. lesbian s-x
the lesbians skizzers eachother all night long.
someone who hates and wants to kill themselves; the complete opposite of goth but still wears dark colors
he called me a skizzer because i cut myself

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