a rather heavy blow to the male’s groin area by the back of one’s hand
you just skochled me beotch!!!!!!

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  • the sixpack

    inserting your index and middle finger in the v-g-n- and the thumb in her -n-s with a slight pinch, emulating the same hold of a six pack of cans (preferably beer) her -ss was sooooo loose that the shocker wasn’t working so i gave her the sixpack!

  • the united st8s of amer8ca

    a wonderful, beautiful land free of all h8. man, the united st8s of america sure is gr8!

  • the willsey

    will-see. a combination of a variety of s-xually transmitted diseases usually attained from banging random girls you meet on facebook. most common diseases include but are limited to the herp, -ss mites, and the whooping cough. hey matt i told you banging holly was a bad idea. oh man i think you’re right! i’ve gone […]

  • thin-crusting

    when girls order thin crust pizza allowing them to eat more slices leaving less pizza for the guys. linda & lamees: this thin-crust pizza satisfied our appet-te perfectly! anthony: i’m still hungry..that’s what i get for thin-crusting the pizza… linda&lamees: we just thin-crusted your -ss!

  • third world shower

    taking a dump in the upper tank of a toilet, also known as an upper decker, then proceeding the give someone a swirlie in the same toilet that guy is such a tool, i’d really like to give him a third world shower right now.

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