very, very drunk. derived from combining crunk and skunk. means “crunk as a skunk.”
he is so skrunk, i thought he might diddle that ginch.
can be applied loosely to any part of speech for a meaning of reasons. derived from “crunk”, it can mean something is “cool” or “hip” or just plain enjoyable. it can also pertain to s-xual intercouse, usually nasty and degrading to women, focusing on the male -j-c-l-t–n at the end of intercourse. it can also mean to beat someone’s -ss or vandalize something of theirs.
man that party last night got it skrunk.

mang’ i done skrunked all ova’ yo’ momma’s face last night.

i told you not to p-ss jesse off. now he done skrunked yo’ car’a.
adjective describing ones p-n-s meaning very short and narrow weiner
yo rob stop playing with your skrunk and help me toss some salad
the process of get dunk and having a blast while doing it. people doing this generally get the ladies and are usually hanging out with a kisska.
d-mn i’m skrunk. what up, b-tch.
slang. to have s-xual intercourse. to hump. to screw. to f-ck.
“me and jesse are going to go skrunk in the woods tonight, because we can’t get the house to ourselves”

“maybe i wouldn’t be so b-tchy to you if we skrunked more often”
skrunk, a drunk sk-nk. a sk-nk that is drunk.
marlon said he went to court on tuesday, but he was really at the strip club skeeting on skrunks.
1.going out sober
2.getting crunk with your friends, but not consuming any alcohol yourself
yo dawg you comin’ out tonight?!

nah dude i don’t feel like drankin…

so what-you can still get skrunk!!!!!!!!

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