when you getting head, and just as you are about to shoot your load, you pull out and shoot down the center of her head, making her look like a skunk.
she needed hair conditioner so i skunked her
during the s-xual act of oral s-x one or both partic-p-nts expell gas (“fart”).
diana was unaware that shawna was into skunking until the vaporous odor was hinged at her nose.
the act of running up to someone, turning your -ss toward them, and releasing toxic colon fumes on them then running away. similar to cropdusting but premeditated and designed for individual encounters. the attacker is known as the skunker and the victim is the skunkee.
timmy had eaten burritos and eggs earlier in the day and saw his ex girlfriend who cheated on him. timmy ran up to her said, “hi i have a present for you” dropped his -ss and then ran away laughing leaving his ex to suffer. mission complete successful skunking.
step 1: b-tt chug your favorite brew
step 2: hold it in till you find a victim
step 3: spray fart your brew onto aforementioned victim
step 4: profit
sorry i missed the party last night guys, chase talked me into skunking hobos.
the act of pulling a mangina (see mangina), turning your back on your victim and bending over while releasing several sharp bursts of p-ss in their direction.

top tip- for added satisfaction why not try getting a full back tattoo of skunk pattern.
jess- oli skunked me the other day

jan- urgh, did he get you?

jess- head to toe, it was a proper skunking!
being f-cked in the -ss so hard that when the administer pulls out a large beefy fart exits the corn bomber.
so how was last night? not too good, we ended up skunking…
when a man pees in a chicks b-tt hole during intercourse and then has the chick sh-t it all back out on his face.
tonight me and this chick are gonna be skunking after the movies.

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