technology that may re-introduce the concept of hands-free conversation to a whole new generation.

like all new technologies, it has the potential for evil as well as for good.
“charging for phone calls is so last century.” (niklas zennström)

“yes, i’ve downloaded skype…so now we’ll be able to chat away for as long as we like!” (your mother)
skype is free internet telephony
that just works.
skype is for calling other people on their computers or phones.
friend: d-mn! my phone bills are getting bigger and bigger =/

you: hey! dl skype and call via internet! 😉

friend: sounds great :d

you: yeah, and we can use it as teamspeak too! =)
v. to see someone you really, really love on a webcam that you can’t normally see because they are far away.
i skyped you! wanna skype? let’s skype!!
skype is an easy to use, inexpensive voip program. i thought it was a great idea until one day i got thrown in a paddy wagon and criminally charged. skype received a request from the cops and readily handed over some personal customer information. it would have been nicer if they had instead warned me, the customer, that my account was catching heat, but instead they were like f-ck him, we’ll hand it right over, ohh and we’ll bill the sucker automatically on his credit card next year. as if i want to continue my skype service after you pr-cks hand over info to the cops without so much as a heads up.

skype is probably best defined by the above example. they will take your money, sh-t on you, and then bill you for more of the service just to f-ck with you. i hope this definition is voted highly so people can see how much this corporation cares about privacy. there was never any warrant issued for the release of my information from skype. please tell others that skype is a rat.
i paid to use skpye, they recieved complaints from law enforcement in another country, and they send over my user info asap. yup yup thanks skype. we’ll remember that.
an excellent program that allows you to have voice chats with your friends for free.

one small flaw,that it turns any and every number written down on the internet into that small grey call bar. and that’s pretty annoying if you have to click a link with a string of numbers in it.
i called my friend using skype.
to use the software skype–or a similar, competing program–to call someone, much in the manner that to im is to use a chat program to have a text-based conversation.
i skyped her last night and we spoke for hours.
an internet form of a telephone, which is cool in theory. but it is actually filled with men who speak horrible english and ask for naked pictures and want to have phone s-x.
“aloe eez yoo an lesbain? yoo eez on they skype!”

“no, i’m not a lesbian. please stop calling me, there are children in the room.”

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