slam hog

a large, obtuse female that loves all three holes stuffed.
briana’s name tag at lowe’s says: hi i’m briana the slamhog, i iove stuffing my fat suck hole at the buffet and in the bed.
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an indiscriminately promiscuous woman.
i thought my friends were nice girls, but after spending a few nights in their company at the night club, i discovered that they are in fact filthy slam hogs.
a girl that sleeps around alot. a well known sl-t.
that girl was with twelve guys just this month, she is such a slamhog.
a slamhog is an extremly ugly and overwheight female that is picked up in a club or bar.
usually an easy target, slamhogs are used as a last resort to having s-x that night.

slamhoggen – the act of looking for a slamhog.

i was out drinking last night and the only thing i was able pull was a slamhog. i’m going to the clinic today to check for diseases.
a brutal chick that you f-ck just to improve your skills/ do something rediculous to her. you often catch sh-t about it the next day and occasionaly question your decision.
man that chick was such a slam hog.
a slam hog is a larger than average woman that a male decides to take down simply because she is present, has a heartbeat, and is currently spreading her legs. often the next morning said male will claim that he was “taking one for the team” when in actuality he was simply trying to get his rocks off. he will then swear his friends to secrecy.
g-ddam patrick! there was no need to hit that slam hog last night … we’re on ratio island – there are hotties everywhere!
a woman, mainly a gross and disgusting, who is gang banged often by her “guy friends” solely just for the purpose of them getting off. more times then not she thinks they are actually attracted to her and they actually want more then just to get off. usually during the act she is moaning (squealing) and sweating profusely, stinking up the entire area.this woman can usually also be called a bush hog.
when the 5 of them walked in with skylar we immediately all nodded in agreement that she was their slam hog and would indeed be bending over for each and everyone of them later tonight.
even worse than a slampig.
hun after sleeping with 10 of my friend u are upgranded from a slmpig to a slamhog.

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