so d-mn drunk, it’s like the alcohol slammed you in the head with a hammer => slammered = slammed + hammered
it’s friday, 4pm… time to get slammered!
when one reaches a point of intoxicatiion resulting in a night spent in a jail cell. a cross between being hammered and in the slammer:

hammered + slammer (jail) = slammered
person 1 “hey man did you hear that kevin got kicked out of the whisky bar last night?”

person 2 “yeah man, he was so drunk he wound up in the p-ss tank, he was slammered.”
being drunk past hammered, to the point where black out might occur, but not bad enough to p-ss out, slurring is a mojor factor in this state of drunkeness, always a good time.
lulu , after 8 shots stumbled up to the mic and started singing “push it”, when peanut yelled from the crowd “that b-tch is slammered”
a cross between slammed and hammered. being more drunk then drunk. a state of being destroyed. another way of saying something is fk’ed up.
man we were chilling with these hotties and you messed it all up by getting slammered.

new jersey got slammered when superstorm sandy rolled through.

you should have never went to that party man… you got slammered and puked all over you girl.
your so drunk your past being hammered. also refers to being point in your drunkeness when you are most likely to get into shenanigans you won’t remember in the mourning.
catty was so slammered last night that she thought it would be funny to break into her ex-boyfriends house.
being drunk to the point that you can’t say “hammered” properly, slurring your speech which in effect makes you say “slammered”

aka. really really drunk
drunk guy: man i am so slammered i can’t control my pee

other guy: yep, he’s slammered alright.
the point at which an individual has consumed so much alcohol they cannot keep it together anymore.

after that last game of beer pong susy couldn’t walk straight, put a sentence together, or keep herself off anyone. totally slammered.

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