s-xy lookin
“tia did you see trévon at the pool?! his body was slamming!???”
the act of injecting a drug into your veins.
i’ve been slamming heroin for the past 2 years.

i’d rather slam c-ke than snort it.
a southern term for taking a sh-t or dropping a duece so to speak. technically slamming means a m-ssive sh-t, which in most cases is painful to experience. due to the fried diet of the south, most slams have large amounts of screaming, moaning, crying, praying, and begging. many who experience such slams change religions 2 or 3 times and in some cases have even found waldo during the ordeal. throughout most of the slam the one taking the slam, also called the slammer, will have slam material better known as reading material to occupy the duration of the painful event. 80% of the time this slam material will consist of up-to-date sports information and news. though everyone has to live through painful sh-ts it’s mostly males who get the brunt of this force. more often than not, males who take slams will have socks on and will keep their phone within an arms reach incase the fire department or medical -ssistance is needed. it is estimated 1/3 of slammers hallucinate and/or black out due to the amount of pressure put on the r-ct-m and -n-s.
wow, i can’t believe this guy is slamming in my girlfriend’s bathroom.
that t-shirt is slamming
the action of violently penetrating a v-g-n- with your p-n-s. so violent that it is heard by neighbours and p-ssers by.
jemma: -yawn-
john: why are u so tired?
jemma: ah i was kept up all night by connor slamming katie.
a term used by postmen (mailmen) in the u.k for mail that is purposely not delivered, usually for top floor flats.
this pratice is not endorsed by the royal mail but is common place amongst posties, especially on a sat-rday in an effort to secure an early finish.
slamming involves reintroducing the letter into the mail system the next day back at work.
the undelivered item is refered to as a slammer.
john the postie wants home for 10, he’s going to be slamming all the cr-p for top floors today.
another word for s-x, but with much more enthusiasm and feel to it
bob-yo i was slamming that babes wazoo like ten mins ago

rob- yo lemme hit it next
filling a filthy wh-r-‘s p-ssy with your swinging meat dangle.
stuffing some dripping meat drapes with your blue veined custard chucker.
“this b-tch wanted to slam, but i didn’t have a jimmy hat…but i slammed it anyway”

“i jus took you to a f-ckin $30 a plate dinner – are we gonna slam or what?”

“i was slamming the h-ll out of this skeezie…”

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