a fool,idiot,moron.someone who screws up everything
that sleap couldn’t hit water if he fell out of a boat

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    a girl who is known as a sl-t and goes out every weekend on campus. boy “d-mn, you got got with julie tonight?” other boy “yeah man she gave it all up” both “what a slooze!!” to do something really well, destroy the compet-tion. ‘hey richie, i totally sloozed in the game today’ ‘when i’m […]

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    10. chump 9. chumpette 8. yours 7. up 6. pimpmobile 5. bite 4. my 3. shiny 2. daffodil 1. -ss if you say the a-word, you’ll blwo up this planet straight to the h-word!

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    a complex pertaining to short men who feel the need to fight anyone who challenges them, or their manliness, in even the slightest manner. “remember that night we were playing beer pong and i annihilated that really short, stocky frat boy and freaked out and tried to beat the sh-t out of me? i knocked […]

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    when you smack your (if male and/or ‘other’) p-n-s on a bald mans head. hey, i just gave that guy a darklette.

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