Sleepy Peepee

when you are so drunk you fall asleep after fornication with a partner, and forget mandatory bladder relief. while sleeping you release a raging torrent of urine onto “said” victim. upon waking up to the smell of asparagus, you make a quick exit.
d-mn steve has perfected the ‘ol sleepy peepee so well the girl thought she p-ssed herself.
refers to the inevitable loss of blood flow to the p-n-s while bicycling long distances, which numbs the appendage creating the sense that your “pee-pee” is asleep.
i had some serious sleepy peepee at around mile 20 of that ride.
when you cannot get it up despite all efforts.
“wow did you hear, nathan had a sleepy peepee when with that one girl?”
“really, that sucks.”
one is said to have “sleepy pee pee” when an erection occurs while drowsy.
i just got home from a 12-hour shift and felt a little too comfortable in my bed. as a result, i’ve got sleepy pee pee. -zzzzz…

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