a sl-tty hobo, but not a prost-tute. this type of person lives in a tent city and gets p-ssed around among the male hobos. she is characterized by her willingness to perform any s-xual act, including (but not limited to) f-ll-t– and the cleveland steamer.
hobo #1: where are all the womenfolk?
hobo #2: perhaps you are referring to the slobo who lives the next tent flap down. she’s in my pants.
erik nagel aka erock from ‘the opie & anthony show”, due to his slobby appearance, deminer, att-tude, personality, health and general nagelness.
host/caller/friend/family/anyone with eyes: “slobo!”
short term from a slow-poke hobo.
a hobo is taking forever to cross the street. you’re p-ssed, so you call him a slobo.
a sensitive drama queen
one who does not admit defeat even though they have been beaten; used usu. in a derrogatory sense.
from slobodon milosovic, serbian leader who did not concede defeat in an election even after he had been declared the looser.
al gore was such a slobo.
adjective; a type of serbian which possesses values very similar to that of jewish values i.e. cheap, stingy, greedy, tightwad, thrifty, etc. this type of urban serb can be found constantly b-tch-ng at anything and everything around him.
tomas: f-ck, the sh-t came out to $2.57…let’s split this three ways.
pablo: dude, it’s only $2.50, don’t be such a slobo…you can cover it this time.
cristobal: yeah man, don’t be such a f-ck-ng slobo!

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