a word meaning off the chain.
“dude, that was so sloguanna!”

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  • Sloofing

    new sport in which you combine the main elements of all sports, but never really finding the common denominator between the barrells. i went sloofing today, it was rough.

  • sloot slayer

    n. 1. a promiscuous, s-xually attractive, young man who “slays sloots”. he doesn’t abide by the law and has no common moral. nevertheless, he is notorious for “pulling sloots”. it is not unusual for a “sloot slayer” to intoxicate his victim before “making his kill”. he harbors no emotions. he gives only but one “f-ck”. […]

  • thumbin'

    texting guy 1: “bro who you thumbin right now?” guy 2: “that girl from last night she keeps blowing up my phone” an action in which one does not stop texting “i am trying to talk to her but she keeps thumbin’ on her cell phone” a dance move similar to the choo choo but […]

  • thumb ring theory

    a thumb ring is a symbol that the wearer enjoys and may even prefer -n-l s-x. do you know the “thumb ring theory”? your girlfriend sure does.

  • thumbsticks

    thumbs that look like drumsticks off a chicken….see megan fox. megan fox is quite hot, but those thumbsticks creep me out.

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