a mix of a sl-t and a thot
“oh my god kathy is such a slot”

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  • social casualty

    someone who’s a victim of society “i don’t wanna be another social casualty”

  • Spittling

    when you are talking to someone and drool collects in the corners of the mouth, causing it to either be sucked back in awkwardly or result in “say it don’t spray it” i was talking to that hot chick, and i was nervous and talking kinda fast. i was spittling so bad. 8

  • Starbucks lovers

    two people that constantly meet up at starbucks for everything. break ups, dates, proposals, everything. they are obsessed with starbucks coffee and will never drink anything else. most commonly found in annoying fanfictions written by ten year old girls. “oh my god, look at those starbucks lovers!” “i know, right, they never go anywhere else.” […]

  • Step One

    rolling a joint and getting high. normaly used in situations, where the general atmosphere is not good and therefore the group or the individual has to go back to basics. therefore, step one! guy: dude, i’m so stressed out with all this uni stuff. dude: let’s go back to step one. guy: step one? dude: […]

  • stringy clit

    where a woman’s cl-t is so stringy you can play it like a banjo. that chick has the world best stringy cl-t, you can suck it all in

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