a sl-t, thot, b-tch.
lucy, quit being a slotch.
noun: sl-tty crotch
get off my boyfriend, you slotch (followed by punch)
a sl-t-wh-r–b-tch.
today lizzy came up to me talking about how she’s now f-ck-d every male in the school. then she insulted my outfit. what a f-ck-ng slotch.
a ‘sloppy crotch’ otherwise known as a ‘loose meat sandwich’ belonging to a female of the ‘used and abused’ variety.
“woah! that katie is one nasty slotch!!”
1. a word that is not actually a “bad word” but sure sounds like one. can be used to speak badly of someone, or to shout at traffic. best if accompanied with “f-ckin'”
1. “do you like ryan reynolds?” “nah dude, that guys a f-ckin’ slotch”

2. (after being cut-off) “get off the god d-mn road ya f-ckin’ slotch!!!”
synonym for p-ssy, sn-tch, tw-t etc.
d-mn, would’nt mind checking out her slotch
one, or an item, who is, someone or something, of substance. anywhere on the body. see vagueness.
the slotch is on fire, call the police.

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