a term used to describe an std.
paul slept with a p-rnstar last night, and now he has the sludgenuts.

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  • Chikllen

    when you are chillin so hard that you either feel like or actually become a chicken. bro #1:”hey bromontana” bro #2:”yo brosky” bro #1:”yo that party was strait dope last night!” bro #2:”yeah bromethius i was chikllen so hard i was practically layin eggs!”

  • chilero

    guatemalan for d-mn awesome. que chilero tu carro. translation: your car is d-mn awesome.

  • Double-Stinked-Poo-Knocker

    one whose stinks twice as much as a regular poo-knocker. after exiting the sewer one may exclaim, “you’re a double-stinked-poo-knocker.”

  • Slufferin

    a cross between the words “buffering” and “sluffin.” when a streaming online video won’t play or buffer fast enough, therefore “slufferin.” man, this video is straight slufferin.

  • Mrazzle

    mraz + dazzle = mrazzle (or mrazzle) mostly just for describing jason mraz related things/stuff to be used as dazzle (i.e. mrazzling, mrazzles, etc.) “wow, ‘i’m yours’ is mrazzling!” or “his (jason mraz) music just mrazzles me!” you get the picture.

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