one of an expeditionist life style that likes -j-c-l-t- in general.
alexa is the biggest sl-tsketeer in the school because she sleep with every guy and collects their -j-c-l-t- in a jar for safekeeping and later use.

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  • Double handed salmon rod

    a s-xual technique, used among fishermen, to describe getting jerked off by 2 girls whilst aiming to shoot your load overboard. (you’re supposed to be on a boat to get a doublehanded salmon rod) hey joe, ever since i got that p-n-s enlargement i’ve gotten so many double handed salmon rods my p-n-s is burning.

  • double luncher

    a person who has two lunches like it ain’t no thing. can’t face going back to the cafe after i dropped all my food in the c-n-l – the shame of looking like a double luncher would be too great

  • electroslut

    usually a girl that is overly sl-tty, and gravitates toward the electro/techno scene hey mike, did you see that electrosl-t on all those guys at that rave last night?

  • Kazooie

    best. heroine. ever. she’s a red-crested breegull (not a real type of bird) and hangs out with redneck dx aka banjo the bear. kazooie can save my -ss anyday. protagonist and ally to banjo the bear in the nintendo 64 games banjo-kazooie and banjo-tooie. a loud-mouthed, comic relief bird, this red-crested breegull is also a […]

  • embawkward

    when somebody is in an awkward state, and it slowly but surely becomes embarr-ssing. can you believe she choked while she did her oral report in front of the cl-ss? everybody was staring at her, how embawkward! a combination of embarr-ssing and awkward for those odd situations. thats embawkward…

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