slutty fuck-all

below average looking female who is who is lacking in personality and self worth. has a propensity for daddy issues and therefore has a habit of pursuing older men (usually married). also has a habit of believing that the married men she gives herself to so easily think that she is special, like a glamorous mistress. she stays under the radar until attending events involving alcohol, like office and christmas parties, where the straight laced facade will be dropped and she will entertain the advances of any willing partner. after the events she is normally the first to deny anything and then enforce her almost prudish image.
“i see sl-tty f-ck-all is getting friendly with kevin”.

“yeah, he f-cked her after the pub on thursday”.

“how do you know that?”.

“he was bragging about getting her to pay for the hotel “.

“yeah he was saying that she thinks its serious, but he’s just using her for a quick f-ck when he wants it”.
“stupid sl-t”.

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