a delightful concoction of the terms “sl-t” and “scuz”.
tracy…you are such the sluz!
the definition of sluz is a combination of someone who is a sleeze and a sl-t. (someone who does not possess morals and does not practice personal hygiene)
that scanky @$$ sluz has been sleeping with everyone in town.
name for unaffliated,lame, not in style person
one that doesnt fit in with the group
not a member,offbrand,wannabe

sucker 4 love, boywho stuck on a girl, n-gg- who be cuffin hoes, tryna be mr.right

coward scary in other terms hoe -ss n-gg-
“why this ol sluz -ss n-gg- always wanna be around us?”
“ man dont n-body f-ck wit this sluz”

“man this n-gg- be caking dat hoe he a f-ck-n sluz”

“ ant? ant who? he must be a sluz dont n-body know dat n-gg-”

“he a sluz 4 real i never heard of him”
“that ol sluz -ss n-gg- ran when them n-gg-z tryed to jump me”

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