the activity of behaving like a smart-ss.
please cease and desist from all your smart-ssery.
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adverb: the art of being a smart-ss
blaine was given a certificate of achievement for his smart-ssery.
(sm-ar-t–ss-er-ie) the use of verbal degradation, humiliation, sarcasm, or witty insults in a playful manner.
i’m tired of falling victim to your smart-ssery” “shut up, you love it, you’re just jealous because all you have is dumb-ssery
the vocabulary used to speak with consistent witicisms in a pretentious manner with intent of creating humor at the expense of the blissfully unaware.
meg and i argued with fervent smart -ssery when jacob contested the theory of evolution.
a factory that produces smart -sses
dave was created in a smart–ssery.
the state of being a smart -ss.
smart-ssery is a required by all contributors when adding new words to the urban dictionary.
defines the fine art in being a smart-ss.
when people say or do something stupid i am always on my toes with something full of snarky smart-ssery.

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