Smash Factory

any place where you take a girl, p-rnstar, someones sister, your friends mom who’s a milf, etc…to f-ck
dude your sister is f-cking hott…..i’m taking that b-tch to the smash factory

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  • Cha Feel

    i. a mutual understanding of terms and conditions, regarding a certain situation. ii. shorthand for “you feel me?” matt: bro, i can’t believe she didn’t let me put it in her b-tthole. chicks these days are so f-cked up, cha feel? brodie: cha feel bro….cha feel.

  • Lickalotapus Rex

    term for a lesbian dinosaur’s dog. here come the two gorgeous dinosaurs who are voluptuously happy together, and on a lead behind them their little lickalotapus rex.

  • little hook

    a finger move used to provide internal and external stimulation for the v-g-n-. the thumb is used to stimulate the cl-toris (external) and the index/middle finger is used to stimulate the g-spot (internal). he used the little hook while he was eating her out, providing adequate stimulation to her cl-t and g-spot with his thumb […]

  • Little Miracle

    little miracle a little miracle is a spinner with huge b–bs and a hot booty. example – christina aguilera, eva longoria, and jennifer love hewitt are all 5 ft. 2 in. little miracles.

  • Chaosmasta

    someone who is a zombie, likes fried chicken, and has a shiny bald head “look at that zombie eating all that fried chicken” “thats chaosmasta!” “well tell her to leave, her bald head makes my eyes hurt!”

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