Smash it

beat it/someone; “go fot it “, win, achieve something good and a lot more than you expected; sh-t all over a low score (in a positive way); became a legend in your own lunchtime; beat your personal best (pb) in gym terms
i will smsh it if i deadlift 200kg; i am going to smash my dad in the cycling race; good luck mate – smash it!!!
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to be successful
dude! don’t sweat your exam,i ‘m sure you’ll smash it.
to have s-x! f-ck! do it! ect.
(word formed in the city of ludlow, ky)
smash it!
i’d smash it.
1) “go out and smash it”- a line from a black eyed peas song, which implies that they’re going to go out of an evening and have a very good time.

2) what you do when your alarm clock just won’t stop beeping, no matter what you do, or how many b-ttons you press.

3) to indulge in seriously hard s-x
1) “wanna ‘go out and smash it? like, oh my g-d?”

2) “smash it! just f-cking smash it! i can’t stand the noise anymore!”

3) “man, did i smash it last night! my back is killing me!”
high fives
– did you smash it last night?

– yeahno i abso totes smashed it last night dude. me and clarissa smugled in a bottle of rum each to the todd terje gig, got twisted, danced our t-ts off, scored on the dancefloor, dropped some pills, went back to this whopper house party, and when i woke up the lads were there to high five me.

– sounds like a m-ssive smash up dude. fair play.
male masturbation

also: smashin’ it (smashing it), as in presently masturbating
nick: “so what do you do all day?”
dan: “you know wake up, smash it. eat breakfast. smash it. wait around ’till lunch, maybe smash it to p-ss time. after lunch, go back and smash it. wait for dinner…”
nick: “i can see where this is going…”
dan “…l, l, l, let me finish…maybe smash it before dinner. then sit around, maybe smash it. you know while i sit around before bed?”
nick: “yea…i know.”
dan: “yea…smashin’ it…i spend a lot of time just smashin’ it.”
when you show a moment of pure joy and smash your forearms with a friend in a celebratory mode
wow six flags was awesome !!! smash it!!!

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