word used as an acronym in texting for “shakin’n my b-tt” also known as twerking. like smh: shakin’ my head.
guy: this song is good

girl: it’s not just good, it’s lit! smb
suck my b-lls. usually used in an dominance term. either angrily or after a compet-tion. usually said after beating someone by a large amount in a video game.
“player 1” oh yeah i beet you again at mario kart
“player 2” like i care
“player 1” smb -does a random dance while waving hands round his crotch-

as demontrated in pure pwnage episode 10
#suck my b-lls #smb #suck on my b-lls #somb #pure pwnage
“suck my b-lls”

1. the expression of wanting or saying for someone to put their scr-t-m in your face.
2. what is said out of anger to friends
1. hey, i’ll give you 5 dollars if you smb

2. kid 1: wow joe your so stupid
joe: shut up kid how about you smb!
#t-bag #bl-w j-b #b-lls #suck #p-n-s
literally suck my b-lls, but used more like a taunt. mainly used by teenagers and adults that havn’t got a job yet.
woot i won! smb mtfkr!!!

translation: great! i’ve defeated you. you suck.
#smb #suck #my #b-lls #suck my b-lls #lol
stands for sad mackem b-st-rds.

used to describe mackem sunderland fans. often by newcastle united fc fans.
don’t those sad mackem b-st-rds ever wash?
shaking my brain
smb is like the other term shaking my head(smh)as if you’re dissapointed from somethin somebody says or does so you shake your head
#shaking my brain #smh #dumb #common #head
suck my b-lls
“actually he is in iran and they’re blocking his internet so i cant give it to you”

…suck my b-lls!!!!!!!!!!!!! or you could simply say “smb!!!”
#suck #my #b-lls #smb #acroynm
shakin’ my bed (self explanatory)
i’m gona be smb w. my boyfriend so don’t bother me!
#s-x #smh #smooshing #boning #etc

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