short for, “suck my d-ck suck my mother f-cking d-ck.”
dude smdsmmfd!

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  • cheetoh

    an extremely flamboyant gay male. derived from the “flaming hot cheetohs” snack. there were so many cheetohs at the party last night. slang for someone who’s gotten an obvious spray on tan. dude #1: yo, you seen samantha? dude #2: she’s become a f–king cheetoh. sticking a finger up someones -ss (usually guy-to-guy) and wigglin […]

  • Cheevotee

    one who is extremely, utterly and completely in love with cheetos. this person loves having “cheetle” on their fingers, and will take every opportunity to eat cheetos they possibly can. “dave was such a cheevotee.” – stu “i wanted some cheetos, but that cheevotee roger ate them all.” – carol

  • Smear Face

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    stands for ‘suck my imaginary p-n-s’. person 1: you know what? person 2: what? person 1: smip. person 2: oh no you didn’t. person 1: oh yes i did. describes when you feel attractive, confident, humorous, and a little bit s-xual. friend: you look good today! guy: i feel very smip right now actually. friend: […]

  • smoatns

    suck me off at the next station oi scott, smoatns

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