smelly bum

another word for cutie b-m
wow she has a smelly b-m

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  • femull

    a) a mullet on a woman. usually the style of choice for butch dyk-s. b) the woman who sports the mullet herself. a) look at that well-tended femull over there…. so fluffy and long in the back yet such softly feathered bangs! b) don’t look now but here’s comes a femull right now!

  • Smiths Station

    a small place in al, between two cities that they tried to make important, but the only thing it is really known for is its’ meth usage. driver- “dang! i blinked.. we just p-ssed smiths station, hold on and i’ll turn around.” p-ssenger- “hurry the h-ll up! i need my sh-t!”

  • smokeydope

    a word from the early 70s around london england for hash or weed… not opium or any hard stuff. lets go home buy some beers and score some smokeydope

  • Concrete-Jungle Queen

    an australian slang term begun by the sydney-based artist elle eden as a form of describing her role as a young socially-aware woman in australia’s major city. it has come to refer particularly to the artist herself, but is also used by young australian artists to refer to other city-based females who use their artwork […]

  • Malee

    a pretty girl that always is on your good side if you want her there or not. oh and if need a partner in crime shes the one you call she was nice wow its malee

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