smiling and giggling at the same time.
when i see someone do something stupid, i smiggle.
a flirty smile with a wiggle by a female
intended to get a man’s attention.
look at all these babes up in the club
a happy expression when a smile and a giggle come together.
my daddy made me smiggle when he got me a new teddy bear.
a cigarette. commonly used when inebriated.
hey, b-m me a smiggle.
a word that dirty pirate hookers use in reference to some kind of cuddling act. it is only used by the most obscenely skeezy b-tch-s around, and beyond the comprehension of normal, decent people.
come over here and give me a smiggle.
when you smack someone with both hands at once, one on each side of the face, in a smothering motion. is a huge insult to someone as it makes them look like an idiot, especially if they lose their breath and gasp.
dude! did you see charlie bucket smiggle w-lly wonka!? that was nuts!
the act of smiley & giggles coming together in one name. joined, they are smiggles. also, when you fornicate someone, you are smiggling! haha
kilo: man i’d rather look like a turtle then have the name smiggles haha
smiley: n-gg- f-ck you! mann. thats not my name.

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