someone or a group of people who f-ck or make love to fidget spinners aka they have autism.
jimmy is being such a smizlefrizle he is now shoving fidget cubes and spinners up his -ss.

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  • your not about it

    when someone wants to have intercourse with you but won’t admit it wanna come over to my house after the party? your not about it glen

  • crumbly buiscuit trick

    when you crumble up a bunch of buiscuits in someone’s bed without them knowing and it’s their fault for not knowing so you can’t be blamed (the oldest trick in the book) oh john you tw-t you fell for the crumbly buiscuit trick

  • amaker

    p-n-s licking b-tthole sniffin n-gg-r who m-st-rb-t-s while watching anime p-rn d-mn, that dude is a f-cking amaker.

  • aiben

    very socially awkward don’t be such an aiben.

  • bidened

    when someone acts like a team player and then steals your work and takes credit for it. plagiarized. a heinous work act performed by a self promoting oaf. i worked ot for two solid days and then neil swooped in and bidened my work to my project manager.

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