suck me off c-nt
used in a public area around juniors.

dave: hey timmy, i just won free tickets!
timmy: like i care, smoc!
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small man on campus. a person who sucks at everything.
guy 1: “dude, phil has no friends.”
guy 2: “yeah, he’s such a smoc.”
smoking moment of clarity

when a smoker realises something while taking a break to smoke a cigarette.

contemplation and clear thinking when smoking a cigarette.
i just had a smoc and decided to quit my job
single mother, only child – a man who’s single mother has coddled him to the point of permanent weakness resulting in a constant state of hidden worry and endless complaining.
her boyfriend is a total smoc, all he does is get drunk and complain about things like how escalators are poorly positioned at sporting events.

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