Smooth Talking Brotha

1) (noun) a brotha who is down with his words, able to talk his way out of anything, no matter how busted he looks

2) (noun) a brotha who can get anything and anywhere he wants with his words alone.
homie 1 – “you know yo brotha got caught by the 5o smoking some good dro.”
homie 2 – “f-ck, he get busted?”
homie 1 – “f-ck nah, that brotha is down with his words, he was smoking dat fat -ss blunt right infront of the po po. he said some sh-t, laughed with the cops and they left his -ss alone.”
homie 2 – “that n-gg- is one smooth talking brotha.”

homie 1 – “yo, iz that brotha skipping the line and talking to dat bouncer?”
homie 2 – “yeah, he ain’t getting in tho, he a broke -ss. i know him.”
homie 1 – “f-ck that sh-t, the bouncer let his sorry -ss in.”
homie 2 – “sh-t, that n-gg- a june bug.”
homie 1 – “he a smooth talking brotha.”

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