smorchy bear

a smorchy bear is a large but doisle creature that is astoundingly rare. not much is nown about the reproductive habits of the smorchy bear but more is being learnt as the scientific community accels. the smorchy bear is said to enjoy the company of small children. one witness of the smorchy bear observed it performing a strange ritual with its hand whilst its back was turned. this is said by some to be the smorchy bear practising for mating so that the beast can be the best it can be when it does finally encounter a mate.
prince jeffery alexander observed the offspring of a smorchy bear whilst out on his morning stroll. he relayed his encouted to his chum sir walter adams. sir walter told prince jeffery of the rare nature and the unknown reproductive habits of the smorchy bear and he was positively astounded.
“i had no idea of the rarity of the creature i just saw. i appreciate your knowledge on the subject” said a wide eyed prince jeffery. after their deep conversaton they enjoyed a game of badminton which sir walter narrowly defeated the prince. they then sat down and had a meal of beef and enjoyed themselves immensly

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