sunday/ monday-

the days you spend recovering from thriterday.
i am having the rough smunday.
noun; the comination of the days sunday and monday. often used to describe a 48 hour period of sleeplesness between sat-rday and tuesday.
“dude, i havent sleep since yesterday, it’s been one h-ll of a smunday.”
when you take monday off work because you just need an extra day off. it’s not sunday and doesn’t feel like monday, it’s smunday. similar to how brunch is a hybrid between breakfast and lunch.
i was so tired after the weekend i called into work sick this morning; i’m taking a smunday.
figuratively spoken, the day between sunday and monday;

actually its a monday where you decide to not do or give a f-ck, just like on sundays

the perfect smunday is a day, where you don’t even know if it’s sunday or monday
a: are u going to school/college/work tomorrow?
b: nah, it’s smunday.

a: what day is it? monday or sunday? i didnt left the house today.
b: no fkin idea. me neither.

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