(pr: snax-eh-dent)
n. when food (a snack) is consumed in an accidental, often regrettable way. this can refer to accidentally eating food of questionable quality and/or quant-ty.
1. i happened upon an all-you-can-eat burrito buffet and had a near-fatal snaccident.

2. i snaccidentally ate one of those ham sandwiches made out of pizza slices from 7-11. i think i need to get my stomach pumped.

3. i only wanted one pop tart, but i ate the whole box on snaccident.
the consumption of small finger food (like crackers and dip) you hoover up at gatherings without even thinking. suddenly, you look down and you’re covered in cracker crumbs, three bean dip and have no memory of eating these things.
i’m hoping to lose the five pounds i put on due to all those holiday snaccidents.
when an unexpected opportunity to snack occurs which can not be avoided, and therefore can not be blamed on the snacker.
zeus the dog had a snaccident when c-ssie dangled josh’s pet gerbil, zack in front of his face. poor zack.

“susan, where’s the rest of the sour cream and cheddar chips?”, he asked. she said “sorry rob, there was an unfortunate snaccident involving those chips today.”

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