acting fake, playing around,telling someone off.
man you snaken with me.

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  • Snarfy

    that feeling you get when you have a cold or allergies coming on, and your nose is starting to feel stuffed up. “the ragweed must be harsh, i’m feeling all snarfy” rude, to snap at someone you didn’t have to be so snarfy 1. womanizer, f-ckwit. guy with questionable integrity when it comes to women. […]

  • sneeze hole

    when a person has wicked diarrhea and just makes it to the bathroom, sits down and their -sshole makes a sneezing sound as they sh-t. my -ss just sneezed all over the toilet. russ is acting like a sneeze hole today.

  • wefe

    n., v., adj., adv., a definitionless word, can be used in place of any word at any time to express emotions or how one views something 1.) that tv show is sooo wefe (good) 2.) that test was so wefe! (anger) 3.) i like your hair, its extremely wefe (approval, happy) we-fe: how idiots pr-nunce […]

  • weiner bird

    one who enjoy’s spending his/her time flocking to, and aruond weiners(aka loves c-ck). that weiner bird kept sucking on that bottle like it was a man’s c-ck.

  • 80'ish

    a time frame of the 80’s or around that time like late 70’s. music from that era. something retro like clothing cyndi lauper’s music is 80’ish

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