a word you use when you can’t or don’t want to cuss.
oh snapfizzle i just spilled my orange soda!

Read Also:

  • snap her rabbit

    to cause a female to experience an -rg-sm my lady loves it when i snap her rabbit.

  • triple-d*cked

    when on a chat site like omegle or chatroulette, where the “stranger” is a guy jerking it three times in a row. bro, i was trolling omegle and i got triple-d-cked. it was messed up. lol f-g.

  • tripple-steal

    when somethng is yanked by three diferent people it is a tripple-steal if some one steals something and you steal it from then and then a kid steals it from you its a tripple-steal

  • crotchpickles

    word given to fillings that fall from a sandwich, burger or kebab on to your crotch / t-shirt. usually the result of over stuffing. also look at spillage mork : look at the size of this burger it is huge. mindy : yeah but watch out for “crotchpickles”

  • redneck retirement plan

    regularly socking away money, not into any kind of savings plan, but into lottery tickets. alternately, into any kind of gambling. hopefully my redneck retirement plan will pay off this week.

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