a child play word meaning mess around s-xually
“you’re going to snoodle with peyton???”
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the act of an uncirc-mcised man stretching his foreskin over the p-n-s-head of a circ-mcised man and then jacking the uncirc-mcised man off.
dude, i had so much fun snoodling with you yesterday.

wanna be my snoodle buddy?
the act of rubbing noses in a gesture of affection and love.
-goes to kiss.. nose! snoodles instead-
this is when a man pulls his foreskin over another object such as the tip of a h-m-‘s c-ck or the head of one of the really big gi joes from th 1960’s.
jerry told me his mom caught him with his foreskin pulled over an atomic fire ball. he was practicing the atomic snoodle so he could pop an atomic fireball in todd’s -sshole.
a shortened version of snickerdoodles.
let’s bake the snoodles in the oven now.
getting comfy and cozy during a snooze session;snuggling under mounds of blankets cheek to cheek in the winter; sharing warm fuzzy feelings
my kids are such snoodle bugs; they love curling up with me at the end of the night to read a book.

getting cozy before going to sleep with another person.
refers to tobacco that you snort
hey do you have any snoodles? my nose needs a tingle.
cross bewteen a poodle and a schnazer
the snoodle puupies came out looking like their father who was a schnauzer, even though the mother was a poodle.

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