1. term to describe or label a person (or pet) who tends to snore while sleeping.
2. can be used as a term of affection.
“my snorky keeps me up at night from his snoring!”
“kona, our lil’ boston terrier, is such a snorky with her squishy face, it’s adorable!”
ritzy, sharp, fashionable, elegant
al capone wanted to be called snorky, rather then scarface, to emphasize his image as a succesful business man.
stupid, riddiculous.

origin not clear. al capone had the nickname snorky, but the latest usage of the term appears to be unrelated to that.
that was a snorky thing to say.
an big, grey, stuffed elephant’s name.


a term used to signify taking a shot out of a snorkel.
i love sleeping with snorky!


yo dudes… ima gonna suck up a snorky!

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