Snow Day Hangover

the unfortunate return to reality and actual work after the unbelievable feeling of ecstasy and rest of a snowday. symptoms include incredible drowsiness, inability to concentrate during any cl-sses, vomiting, and lost love for snow.

also when snow goes from magical unexpected holiday bringer to annoying water that turns into black ice which makes you fall on your -ss.
ex 1: princ-p-l- mr. dawson, you have displayed an inability to concentrate today. you’ve been sent to my office for falling asleep in cl-ss, what could lead to such a disgraceful lack of work ethic?

dude- considering i spent a blissful day away from you and your hack teacher’s -sses yesterday, today was a bit of a tiring drag. in my defense its snow day hangover.

ex 2:

dude doing a presentation- “yawn”

people watching- another victim of snow day hangover…
the unfortunate aftermath following the extreme joy and ecstasy of a snow day. generally characterized by large amounts of make up work, soreness from throwing snowb-lls, and the overall shock from the adjustment back to real life.
guy 1: dude that snow day was amazing!!

guy 2: i know man but now i got 2 make up tests, and a lab, and i can’t feel my right arm…

guy 1: b-mmer, what a total snowday hangover

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