snuck up

(adj.) it pretty much means you are a no go stuck up ugly person.
she is a snuck up 7th grade girl.

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  • atrociphone

    atrociphones are words that sound like other words, but actually mean horrible things. coined by zach weinersmith (smbc, the nib). “when my english friend asked me for a f-g, he wanted a cigarette, but i thought he meant its atrociphone!” “at least you didn’t ask your friend’s mom if you could pet her p-ssy!”

  • killer stick

    i.e. a cigarette. used in a sarcastic way towards non-smokers to indicate that the smoker could care less whether or not others accept his/her smoking habit. see also cancer stick. whatever, i’m taking a killer stick break.

  • Klakadangera

    when an awkward silence brakes out “hey, my d-ck shrunk” -klakadangera-

  • Darkorie's

    awesome guitar players . oh my god man thats a darkorie’s ! yeah he can shred

  • Klanadian

    (noun) a canadian who supports or is a member of the klan (kkk) ‘while in vancouver’ george: holy sh-t man, last night in the forest i saw some ghosts burning a cross. steve: oh, they’re just klanadians, they’re harmless, unless you’re a c–n.

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