so so

acronym for “significant other show-off”.

the kind of person that flaunts their relationship status and treats it more as an accessory than anything. they pretty much make their relationship about 90% of their personality. this is the person who makes it very clear that they are already taken before you can even introduce yourself. everything they do somehow involves their partner. their social media walls consist almost completely of pictures of them and their so, ramblings of how “in love” they are, or repeating for the fifth time that they are “theirs and only theirs <3". usually they've only been with this other person for about a month, but if they've been together for longer it's usually the both of them fawning over each other enough to make somebody gag. either way, it won't stop them from declaring their love loud and clear and telling everybody under the sun about it. "have you seen stacy's page? all she ever posts are pictures and love poems about her boyfriend. she's such a soso." its the middle of good and bad, yes and no, hot and cold. 1. how is your mother? so so. middle of good and bad. 2. did you undestand this? so so. middle of yes and no. 3. how was she? so so. middle of hot and cold. average. some good points, some bad points. overall just p-sses the time. jason x was so-so. security guard, usually rent a cop we were just chillin at the mall but the soso kicked us out. #soso #popo #cop #security #guard #rent a cop that that person is kinda doing good and at the same time kinda not. how are you doing? how are you doing? so so an alcoholic drink invented by the krooked mafia mixed in a milk jug. it consists of vodka and or canadian ltd, mountain dew and sum yummy red sh-t. (not disclosed for copyright reasons) yo that party last nite was krooked we had like 7 jugs of that soso that sh-t is deliscious. #soso #so so #so-so #krooked #mafia #alcoholic #alcohol #drink #drank #kr%ked #kr%k sorcerer from the game diablo 2 my soso is lvl 95 #diablo #sorcerer #sorc #so-so #soso a stepfather to daughters only; any man who by marriage winds up raising some other schmucks female offspring. used in conjuction with dodo, a dad of daughters only. when bill married brenda, he became a soso dodo to brenda's daughter, mich-lle. #stepfather #stepdaughter #father #daughter #step-parent

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