when you have s-xual intercourse randomly
connor bailey gets soanked all the time.

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  • nicki mirage

    tfw somebody snaps a pic of their booty looking really fat and round, but it turns out it was just an optical illusion. it was a nicki mirage. did you see becky’s selfie on instragram? she looks so hot. not even, dude. she’s a nicki mirage.

  • sogee

    she is an obsessive k-pop listener/dancer, with hair as wild as her personality. a sogee is a quiet crazy that attracts all the male specimens. does that girl know all the ch-r-ography to that k-pop dance? she’s a total sogee.

  • steamy marshmallow

    a steamy marshmallow is when you acquire one -j-c-l-t–ns worth of s-m-n mix with 4 tablespoons of water get to a boil, then pour sample onto significant others back and give them a third degree burn. cole gave kyle a steamy marshmallow last night via giphy

  • heirer

    a word taken from the word “heir” meaning one who is left money by dead relatives and others who are dead,, and the word “error” meaning mistake or incorrect. heirer is one who mistakenly thought he was an heir to an estate sue: “poor jack, he spent all his savings thinking his dad would leave […]

  • meatball parade

    meet-bawl puh-reyd (noun) a group of overweight/obese individuals herded together, usually (but not necessarily) blocking the way. 1. “i would’ve gotten here faster, but there was a meatball parade at the traffic intersection!” 2. “check out that meatball parade outside of that donut shop.”

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