sochi; verb: to have erotic h-m-s-xual interactions in the snow.
mmmm, had some sweet, sweet sochi last night with vlad… he was totes into it
site of the 2014 winter olympics; very controversial because the olympic site area will be built at the site of a m-ssacre of circ-ssian people by the russians on may 21, 1864 and because construction of the olympic site will cause long-lasting, if not permanent, pollution to the ecology of the area.
the circ-ssians have proclaimed may 21 as a national day of mourning and are very angry that sochi is being used as a host city for the 2014 winter olympics.
russian resort on the black sea that will be the site of the 2014 winter olympics.

“considering the poor showing team russia made at the 2010 vancouver olympics, they’ve got their work cut out for them to dominate the scene at sochi.”

1. ghetto

2. shambles

3. when conditions are in so terrible that it reminds you of the horrible conditions doc-mented in the photos from the winter olympics in sochi, russia.
“i was up in her crib, sh-t was straight sochi b. no cable, no boxspring, mattress on the floor smh.” –@desusnice
something that does not completely function properly or put more simply something that is ghetto in nature
your friends car has a “special trick” for the door to open. your tap water is yellow…you’d say that’s sochi!
sochi is a shortened word for “unsociable” it was in no way thought up because someone was playing on their phone and only half paying attention to a fairly standard and educational question.
paul was playing on his xbox to which gemma said “paul, you’re being sochi tonight”
sochi sō chē

1. dilapidated and or falling apart
2. indicating a state of disrepair

3. busted
4. alejandro victores

see also, ratchet
united airlines lost my luggage so i went skiing in jeans – it was sochi.
tried to open the door to my hotel room and it came off in my hand. that’s sochi.
riff raff and waka flaka? so sochi.
you have chlamydia? that’s sochi.

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